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If you are here is not just you want to be out the standard but the trendy too; it means you want a tailor-made kitchen from the bottom to the top and this is possible with us.

We are providing design & manufacture kitchens services to private clients and B2B (interior designers/Architects) bringing your kitchen with the current design & life-style of the final client, creating amazing kitchens.

From scratch or attached to an interior design project in progress, we give advice on materials, lighting textures and sensations, we consider the natural lighting and orientation of the house as well as flow-mobility studies so that your kitchen is not only beautiful but also comfortable.

We love to know as much as possible about the end user, eating habits, favorite gastronomy, flavors, smells, family and more topics are discussed in the sessions.

How it works in 4 stages?

We will go deeply.

In order to make the kitchen of your dreams we will go deeply about you but also your family, activities, hobbies, future plans, habits food and many other personal feelings.  I love to design around the people first so I sent you a survey to get ready for our first meeting. Then we can talk about the space aspects like dimensions, lights, orientation, ergonomics, colors, textures, materials, styles.

Here you are the designer and with my architect background I will help you to put all the ideas together in the right amount and at the right time (like any cooking recipe) to have the space where you not just feel comfortable, happy and complete but the spaces bring out the best of you and your loved ones. 

We hate the pouser

Just that you know: Many of those fancy  kitchen studios have many incomes for selling you a certain model or brand of appliance, so thats why we don't sell our kitchen with appliances, instead of that I give you advice & tips about it but you are free to chose and buy your own appliance. 

I don't give you a cup of wine when you see me in my place I will give you honesty and of course those discounts B2B that some suppliers give to me. Frequently I love to share that quotations directly with my clients.

My place is not a fancy showroom, is a workshop with a lot of creative people, love and a little of dust because is there where most of the magic happen. 

Do you want a Kitchen from the scrach? Let's talk.

Thanks for submitting!

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