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You can order by the website or b2b in the showroom in any case you will recibe an email with the confirmation of your orden, an email with you invoice and of course a personal email to know detail of the delivery. Please review your order confirmation so you're completely sure the right products have been ordered. Please also double check that we have the correct phone number, address and e-mail address for you, so that we can contact you.



When you buy our products you not just pay only for the furniture but for all experience that bring with it. You will recibe the furniture engraved with the consecutive number serie, the delivery costs (free in Amsterdam), assemble & placement in place, your Certificate of Authenticity and a surprise gift. Please note that we will want to be in contact with you and know your needs or activities so that the whole experience is according to your interests.


This website is designed and manager for Inside Studio as controller with Wix´s apps, its affiliated companies and subsidiaries worldwide working in the back as a processor, so our Privacy policy is attached of their privacy policy as a processor abide by the applicable laws. If you want to know more about it you can visit in the section 6. 


Inside Studio manage your information as a "controller" only for the next 03 main reasons:

1. Keep you informer about your order, new products and offers.

2. Get feedback about our products

3. Marketing Analisys


Related of pay information we manage it through Wixpay as payment provider and Adyen or Stripe as payment processor as a Wix´s partners, Inside Studio is attached to all their secure services. To know more about them visit:


If you have any question about this Privacy Policy please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are a studio focused at personalized sales to consumers who are conscientious with the environment, that enjoy unique and exclusive design and with a moder life style, however we can make a certain number of wholesale pieces in those are not limited edition. Contact us.


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- iDeal

- Tikkie

Payment Methods
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