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Tailor - Made  kitchens  with  love.

"Here you are the designer and with my architect background I will help you to put all the ideas together in the right amount and at the right time (like any cooking recipe) to have the space where you not just feel comfortable, happy and complete but the spaces bring out the best of you and your loved ones."

Idrich M.

2022 projects

Manon & Drew Kitchen

Heemstede, NL

We are providing design & manufacture kitchen services for private and Business (interior designers/Architects) creating amazing and unique kitchens.

From scratch or attached to an interior design project in progress, we give you advice on materials, lighting & textures; we consider all the physical aspects of the space such as kitchen location in the hose, north-orientation for natural light and many others so that your kitchen is not only beautiful but also comfortable for all at home.

Elena's Kitchen

Amsterdam. NL.

Kerim's open-plan kitchen

Amsterdam. NL.

Human Center Design

We love to know as much as possible about the clients: eating habits, favorite food, flavors, smells, family, pets, future plans and more topics are discussed in the sessions; because we design around people first and space second.


We always try to align the expenses where they are most required depending on each client, finding a balance between the client's expectations and a specific budget.

Callum's Kitchen

Haarlem. NL

Kristina's Kitchen

Renovation sites.

When a renovation site is underway we provide all technical drawings, advice (and visits ...when necessary) so that all work on kitchen installation goes smoothly.

We deliver our kitchens pre-assembled and manuals for quick and easy installation to the main contractor on site, saving money, time & logistics.

Of course, when necessary, we can provide the installation with one of our contractors.

Amsterdam, NL.

Virtual Reality
VR cooking Lab

VR cooking

So far we are the only in the market providing this amazing services, where gives our clients the possibility to make a virtual cooking session in our installation.


In it, our clients will be able to do a virtual test cooking a recipe to check their kitchen on with the possibility of making final adjustments to the design and we will be there to take note of it.

Without appliances

Just that you know: Many of those fancy  kitchen studios have many incomes for selling you a certain brand of home-appliance, so thats why we don't sell our kitchen with it, instead of that we give you advice & tips about it but you are free to chose and buy them directly by your own. 

Of course we can also take care of that if you wish, but it is a decision that you make and not that we impose.

Anthony's Kitchen

Haarlem, NL.

How it works in 4 stages?



Give us a WhatsApp, call, fill the form below or email us:

Or visit us by appointment:
Contactweg 47
1014AN, Amsterdam NL.

Receive a range-costs a day later based on your general idea.

kitchen design HALF BOARD

Excellent when you know exactly what you want and you don't need any design services more than a quote & meet the materials.

kitchen design FULL BOARD


All our manufacture process is in Netherlands and most of the process in Amsterdam & our workshop / it takes 6-8 weeks / We will post you the updates /



We delivery our kitchens pre-assamble that means each cabinet is already assamble with all its hardwares included & with manuals for easy intallation / Installation also possible with one of our contractors.



Are you looking for a Tailor - Made Kitchen? Let's talk.

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