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Our planet need us NOW.


We are focused on gradually building our Re-circular Business Model trying to include the triple R habits in our services and products.  We are not where we want to be yet but we push ourselves every time.




FLid ® for example was designed with the objective of generating a design interaction with users but also generating an exchange community to be able to re-use our products with other clients at no additional cost. In such a way that the design of the kitchen is not static at the same time that a habit of sharing this type of accessories is born, which is not usual. It is precisely the main idea of FLid to generate a habit through design.


Keeping a product flexible enough for a community is not easy and we keep improving both the design and the platform; walking through the streets of Amsterdam and seeing furniture in the garbage keeps the spirit of continuing on this path.


We try our best to occupy products with certifications focused on the use of second-hand raw materials. In our line of furniture we use the maximum material recovered from construction sites in the city; Our line of bar handles for example are made from 100% reclaimed wood or left over material from production.


Although this is not possible to do with all our furniture (or with all our clients) but we try to push it to the limit every time.

Healthy Food


Mostly, as an atelier this is focused on reducing energy in processes or reducing the carbon footprint (which we are implementing using electric vehicles in our personal deliveries or making all our production locally and some other small actions); However, as a Kitchen design firm, We cannot fail to make the connection between our daily tasks in the design of this incredible space of a house (I call it "The heart of a home") and the food demand that this space generates in the world. The way we eat greatly impacts the future of our planet, ours, and all generations after it.

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"...of course designing your kitchen with a set of bins works for a right disposal, don't get me wrong, but there are many other actions that impact on a larger scale; changing habits to re-duce is one of them."

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