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Growth - Evolution - Moviment are the main basic concepts of this dining table. Representing one begin, the linear and curved shapes that grow from the furthest corner represent all those layers that have shaped us througth the time from birth to the present, making each one of us unique: Our stories.

Make a strong empathy between the owner and the furniture, using it as a platform and inspiration source to express something important and creating new stories through it.

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The Style
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Based on danish style this dining table is the first product of the Studio.

With its natural character, sober lines and one-piece look, this table was not only born to be admired by itself  combining with any style and use but also to create and express through it your stories.

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Print ur Story

 Perhaps a timeline of your milestones, your outlook on life, a phrase, graphic that speaks to you, the names of your children, startup, or the things that are most dear to you, we can print it for you by laser to remain it forever

Use its layers

as you want

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With vinyl fonts, stickers, or hand made engravings. Choose the font and be part of the design because the StoryTable will tell your story. 

Begin a project with your

family, friends, roomates or colleagues, this table is the perfect excuse not only to print stories on it but also to generate new ones in the process.

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The StoryTable is made of birch Plywood as a main material with FSC-certified,  planted and cultivated  forests for this purpose.

Green Glue RIGA ECOlogical, where Bio-Based renewable Lignin is used as replacement of the traditional Fossil Phenol.

We use their Polyx Oil Original in the 3032 Satin finish. This is a natural product made of vegetable oil and waxes.

O U R    S U S T A I N A B L E    M A T E R I A L S


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Doing even more special your story, The StoryTable is a project only for 100 stories on it.



Creating a limited edition is our way of respecting your story by  immortalizing it in legend.



Be part of this story

Be part of the 10 first stories at


The stories

coming soon

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